Stanseals quality control CMMAt Stanseals we operate an ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System with policies and procedures to ensure the products and services we offer are of the highest quality standard.

Mechanical Seals and Bearing Protectors

We create and model all our components in 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) software to perfect and optimise the designs features, technical functionality and component ergonomics.

The components are then offline programmed in 3D CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software to ensure full manufacturability and cycle time optimisation. By spending quality time during the up-stream processes optimising component cycle time means that we can reduce component costs (and subsequently pass these savings to our clients) from down-stream operations.

The CAM programs are then post-processed to the respective CNC machine tools for physical component manufacture. Such manufacture is typically conducted in a single op, 'lights out' style production on 2, 3 and 5-axis CNC machine tools.

After the components have been manufactured, they are inspected using a range of inspection tools including visual inspection, calibrated gauges and digital inspection instruments and/or using a CNC CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) as shown to the right.

Systems and Pressure Vessels

Our coded welders, certified to the latest ASME standards, create vessel fabrications which are used for seal support systems and skid-mounted specialised systems.

After the fabrication and machining, all welds are subjected to Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) in accordance with latest ASME and international pressure vessel standards, to ensure joint integrity. The vessels are then either shot-blasted and/or polished to a mirror finish to ensure all the surfaces are clean and have the optimum surface finish for their intended duty.

During system assembly, Stanseals perform visual, dimensional, alignment and/or operational inspection as required.

Complex systems such as Thermal Control Units and Single Fluid Heating/Cooling Systems are 3rd party/Client inspected during Factory Sign-off testing/trials before dispatch.