Stanseals heat transfer system applications lrSingle fluid heat transfer systems are normally connected to either a single stainless steel reactor or glass lined reactor.

Accordingly the temperature of the system varies according to the process requirements. The key to success is to maintain a constant temperature difference between the process and fluid temperature thereby giving precise control over heating and cooling rate.

Temperature control is one critical process parameter.  Another is the heating and cooling rate/time. By controlling the critical process parameters batch to batch consistency and higher yield will result.

Applications for single fluid heat transfer systems are typically found at very high temperature reactions since after the reaction the reaction mixture temperature has to be brought down to the room temperature. Gradual cooling is feasible by selecting the heat transfer area of the secondary system.

Manufactures, such as Sunrax Process Technologies, provide single fluid heat transfer systems (SFHTS's) as a skid mounted system with PLC-based control. The system can also be designed for specific applications and engineered and built incorporating heat exchangers, pumps, sensors, instrumentation and wiring. Multi temperature single fluid systems are also used to cater to various reactors, where the facility has more than one reactor operating at single temperature range.

There are many advantages of SFHTS's over conventional process heating and cooling solutions. As such, they are found operating with the correct fluid in many modern processes in the Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Petrochemical, Fertiliser, Food, Beverage and Oil and Gas industry sectors. 

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